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The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz

The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz

Jacob Finch Bonner was once a great writer. His first book was met with success and then his next book, not so much. So he teaches writing at an MFA program. He is just going through the motions, unable to write his next book. And then one of his students, Evan Parker, tells him about a book he is going to write. The plot is unlike anything Jake has ever heard before. Evan is cocky and confident that this book will be a bestseller and be made into a movie.

A couple of years later, Jake finds out Evan has died and he never finished his book. So Jake decides to take the plot and write the book. Evan’s predictions come true and the book is a hit. Now Jake is receiving all the fame and glory he always wanted. But someone is on to him. Jake starts receiving emails saying that they know what he did. Jake starts to investigate and can’t believe what he finds out.

This was a great book with a good twist. It starts out kind of slow but stick with it. You won’t be disappointed!

Posted in: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller