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Transparency Dashboard

The Plainfield Area Public Library and its Board of Trustees are committed to open and transparent governance. In this section, you will find information about how the Library is funded and how the money is spent, along with statistics about the Library’s holdings, programs, and staff, and a calendar of Board meetings. The Board reviews closed minutes twice each year, generally in April or October of each year. 

2024 Regular Board of Trustees Meetings

January 17: Agenda / Packet / Minutes
February 21: Agenda / Packet / Minutes  
March 20:  Agenda / Packet / Minutes 
April 17:  Agenda / Packet / Minutes 
May 15:  Agenda / Packet / Minutes 
June 19:  Agenda / Packet / Minutes 
July 17:  Agenda / Packet / Minutes 
August 21:  Agenda / Packet / Minutes 
September 18:  Agenda / Packet / Minutes 
October 16:  Agenda / Packet / Minutes 
November 20:  Agenda / Packet / Minutes 
December 18:  Agenda / Packet / Minutes 

2024 Board of Trustees Special & Committee Meetings

Finance Committee January 10: Agenda / Packet / Report
Bond Issue Notification Hearing January 13: Agenda / Report
Decennial Committee February 21: Agenda / Packet / Report

2023 Regular Board of Trustees Meetings

January 18: Agenda / Packet / Minutes
February 15: Agenda / Packet / Minutes
March 15: Agenda / Packet / Minutes
April 19: Agenda / Packet / Minutes
May 17*: Agenda / Packet / Minutes
*May meeting will start at 7pm following the Decennial Committee meeting
June 21: Agenda / Packet / Minutes
July 19: Agenda / Packet / Minutes
August 16: Agenda / Packet / Minutes
September 20: Agenda / Packet / Minutes
October 19: Agenda / Packet / Minutes
November 15: Agenda / Packet / Minutes
December 13: Agenda / Packet / Minutes

2023 Board of Trustees Special & Committee Meetings

Finance Committee January 9: Agenda / Report
Personnel Committee April 12: Agenda / Report
Finance Committee May 3: Agenda / Report
Decennial Committee Meeting: May 17: Agenda / Packet / Report
Board & Appropriations Hearing: August 16: Agenda / Report
Truth in Taxation Hearing: September 20: Agenda / Report
Decennial Committee Meeting October 18: Agenda / Packet / Report

Go to Board Documents from Previous Years

Information Center

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

We are committed to compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. All FOIA requests should be submitted to the FOIA officer, Lisa Y. Pappas, via email at

For more information, visit our FOIA / OMA page.

Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund

Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) information

In 2019, the Illinois General Assembly passed Public Act 101-0504. The law requires IMRF to post certain employer cost and participation information on its website. IMRF will update these reports annually.

IMRF Employer Cost and Participation 

Financial Audits
Developer Fees

Developer Fees may be paid in person at the Library or paid by credit card (including processing fee) in the link below.

Pay Online

Developer Fee Listing

Bids and Contracts

Current requests for proposals or bidding opportunities for more than $25,000 in value:
The Library has the following available for bid:
Beginning 01.29.24/Due 02.16.24
Invitation to Bid
Plainfield Public Library is accepting sealed bids for moving services in connection with
the 2024 Library Renovation Project at the Plainfield Public Library. Bid packages are available
for pickup from the Plainfield Public Library at 15025 S. Illinois Street, Plainfield, Illinois 60544,
and on the Library’s website at There will be an
optional pre-bid meeting on February 6, 2024 at 12:00 p.m. in the Small Meeting Room at the
Plainfield Public Library. The deadline for submitting bids is Friday, February 16, 2024 at 4:00
p.m. The bid opening is scheduled for Monday, February 19, 2024 at 1:00 p.m. in the Small
Meeting Room at the Plainfield Public Library.
Moving Bids 

Addenda One: Architect's Renderings of Existing Furniture and Future Furniture Plans
Existing Upper Level Furniture Plan
Existing Lower Level Furniture Plan
Upper Level Furniture Plan
Lower Level Furniture Plan

Addenda Two:
The Moving Services Contractor shall include allowance of $5,000 for miscellaneous work as directed by the Plainfield Area Public Library.  This allowance will be utilized on a time and material basis and only when authorized by the Plainfield Area Public Library.  Invoices must be submitted by Moving Services Contractor and approved by Plainfield Area Public Library prior to billing for T+M tickets utilized through this allowance.  The unused portion of this allowance will be deducted from the Moving Services Contractor's contract at the end of the project.  No overhead and profit is permitted when billing through this allowance.


  • Approved vendor contracts more than $25,000 in value: None
  • The Library has no collective bargaining contracts or agreements. We have an Employee Handbook that covers benefits and expectations.
Prevailing Wage

Current prevailing rates listed by county can be found on the Illinois Department of Labor's website.

Past Referendum Plans and Information

Information related to the 2017 proposed referendum can be found here.

Information related to the 2016 proposed referendum can be found here.

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