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The Matzah Ball by Jean Meltzer

The Matzah Ball by Jean Meltzer

For many years, Rachel Rubenstein-Goldblatt has been harboring a big secret: she’s a very successful romance writer who writes Christmas romances, and she absolutely LOVES everything about the Christmas season. The problem? Rachel is Jewish, and she’s been raised in a very traditional Jewish family. Her parents have no idea, and Rachel aims to keep it that way. This year though, when her publisher surprises her with a request for a Hanukkah romance, Rachel is completely thrown for a loop! Hanukkah? Where’s the magic? The cheer? What’s she going to do? Enter Jacob, an old crush from summer camp.

Jacob’s in town to promote his latest event “The Matzah Ball Max” – the biggest Hanukkah party in New York City. If Rachel can finagle her way to a ticket, maybe she’ll be able to gather enough inspiration for a book. Unfortunately, while Jacob and Rachel may have had big crushes on each other when they were 12, they’re going to have to overcome a lot of misunderstandings to be able to work together.

Funny, sweet and heartwarming – you’ll definitely want add this one to your Holiday Reading List!


Posted in: Holiday, Romance, Romantic comedy

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