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Invitation to a Murder

Reviewed by Nichole. Are you a fan of murder mysteries? Are you a fan of Clue? Or Knives Out? Or Murder on the Orient Express? Well then you will not be disappointed in this movie!

An amateur detective and fan of Agatha Christie finds herself caught up in a real-life whodunit! A mysterious well dressed man delivers an invitation to a remote mansion of billionaire, Lewis Findley, to Miranda Green (Mischa Barton). Once she is boards the train, she discovers that five other strangers received the same invitation. Once the strangers arrive at the mansion, they discover their host is caught in a storm and will not arrive till morning. Miranda notices both the strangers and staff are acting odd. Why were they all brought together? What do they all have in common? Rated PG-13

Posted in: Movies, Mystery, Reviewed by Nichole, Thriller

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