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How Lucky by Will Leitch

How Lucky by Will Leitch

Daniel is confined to a wheelchair and cannot talk. Every morning for the past couple of months, he has watched a young woman walk to the local college. Until one morning, he thinks he sees her being kidnapped.

The next day, missing posters have been put up for a young woman who is missing. Daniel is pretty sure it is the same girl. With the help of his friend Todd and caregiver Marjani, they start investigating what happened. And then Daniel receives an email from the kidnapper. The police think it is someone just trying to get attention but Daniel isn’t so sure. Now Daniel will do anything to find the missing girl. Even if it means putting his life in danger.

This was a really creative book. You just really like Daniel and don’t want anything bad to happen to him. This is a definite must read!

Posted in: Fiction, Mystery, Reviewed by Marisa

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