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Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

Pip has solved the biggest mystery in her town and she is done. It took too much out her to be a detective and she now has enemies. Pip just wants to be a normal teenage girl. But then her good friend Connor’s brother goes missing. He begs her to help and Pip can’t say no. Well, she does at first but she has to help.

Now Pip is digging into her neighbors lives once again and no one is happy about it. But Pip knows that something happened to Jamie and she is determined to find out what. She knows Jamie was last seen at a party. She decides to use her podcast to try and get information. But she might not like the answers she gets.

This was a decent follow up to A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. It was definitely a good mystery that kept you guessing as to what happened to Jamie. I hope there are more stories featuring Pip to come!

Posted in: Mystery, Teen fiction, Thriller