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The Gun Debate



Movies and Streaming

Movies and Streaming

A Deep Dive into the Second Amendment (US Constitution Center/Kahn Academy)

The Second Amendment: Firearms in the US (History Channel)

KANOPY (requires a PAPL library card)
No Control (1091 Media)

After Newtown: Guns in America (PBS)


News and Articles

News and Articles

Biden Signs Gun Safety Bill Into Law (NPR – 6/25/22)

Supreme Court says Constitution Protects Right to Carry a Gun Outside the Home (CNN – 6/23/22)

The Supreme Court Just Vastly Expanded Gun Rights. Here’s What happens Next (NBC News – 6/23/22)

Governor Pritzker Signs Legislation Banning Ghost Guns Statewide ( – 5/18/22)

Illinois Gun Control Laws at a Glance (FindLaw – 5/26/21)

What Is and Isn’t Allowed by Illinois’ Gun Laws (WBEZChicago – 7/8/22 )

Gun Laws and Regulations in Every State (Giffords Law Center)

Law Library of Congress Studies on Firearms, Weapons and Gun Control

Gun Policy in America (RAND Corporation)

History of Gun Control (

Gun Violence Archive – updated with daily statistics – regularly updated to show survey results to questions about guns and the Second Amendment.

Guns: Historical Trends (Gallup)

US Gun Policy: Global Comparisons (Council on Foreign Relations)

Key Facts About Americans and Guns (Pew Research Center – 9/13/23)

What the Data Says About Gun Deaths in the US (Pew Research Center – 4/26/23)

Gun Rights vs Gun Control (Open Secrets) – Info on federal campaign contributions, federal outside spending, federal lobbying

US Gun Policy: Global Comparisons (Council on Foreign Relations)

Teaching Resources About Gun Violence (National Council for the Social Studies)



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