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Russia/Ukraine crisisRUSSIA/UKRAINE CRISIS

This staff-curated list of books, films, podcasts, and more will help you understand the histories of Russia and Ukraine, as well as provide context for the current Russia-Ukraine conflict.

(created March 2022)

Providing Aid

Top-Rated Charities Providing Aid in Ukraine | Charity Watch (2/28/22)

Want to support the people in Ukraine? Here’s how you can help | NPR (2/25/22)







Building Chernobyl’s Mega Tomb | Nova (2017 – DVD)

Vladimir Putin | A&E (2021 – Kanopy)

A Sniper’s War |Journeyman Pictures (2018 – Kanopy)

Understanding Russia: A Cultural History | The Great Courses (2018 – Kanopy)

On Putin’s Blacklist: Human Rights at Risk in Putin’s Russia | 1091 Media (2017 – Kanopy)

Breaking Point: The War for Democracy in Ukraine | Synergetic Distribution (2016 – Kanopy)

Putin’s Way | PBS (2015 – Kanopy)

The Russian Woodpecker | Gunpowder & Sky (2015 – Kanopy)

Battle Zones: Ukraine and Syria | PBS (2014 – Kanopy)

Maidan: Uprising in Ukraine | Cinema Guild (2014 – Kanopy)

The Ukrainian Powder Keg | Upside Television (2014 – Kanopy)

Winter, Go Away! : Ten Filmmakers Chronicle Protests in Russia | 1091 Media (2012 – Kanopy)

Putin’s Kiss | Kino Lorber (2011 – Kanopy)

Oleg’s Choice: A Personal Look at the Conflict in Ukraine | Java Films (2016 – Kanopy)

The Babushkas of Chernobyl | Holly Morris (2015 – Kanopy)





“State of Ukraine” | daily podcast from NPR

Can the West Stop Russia by Strangling Its Economy? | NYT/Ezra Klein Show  (3/1/22 – podcast link and transcript)

The Real and Imagined History of Ukraine  | Vox/Today Explained  (2/25/22 – podcast link and transcript)


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