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Space ExplorationSpace Exploration

Human space exploration helps to address fundamental questions about our place in the Universe and the history of our solar system.

Through addressing the challenges related to human space exploration we expand technology, create new industries, and help to foster a peaceful connection with other nations.

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Across the airless wilds : the Lunar Rover and the triumph of the final moon landings by Earl Swift

The burning blue : the untold story of Christa McAuliffe and NASA’s Challenger disaster by Kevin Cook   

Chandra’s cosmos : dark matter, black holes, and other wonders revealed by NASA’s premier X-ray observatory by Wallace H. Tucker

Chasing space : an astronaut’s story of grit, grace, and second chances by Leland Melvin

Chasing the moon : the people, the politics, and the promise that launched America into the space age by Robert Stone and Alan Andres

The consequential frontier : challenging the privatization of space by Peter Ward

Frequently asked questions about the universe by Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson

The future of humanity : terraforming Mars, interstellar travel, immortality, and our destiny beyond Earth by Dr. Michio Kaku

Galaxy girls : 50 amazing stories of women in space by Libby Jackson

Hidden figures : the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who helped win the space race by Margot Lee Shetterly 

How to astronaut : an insider’s guide to leaving planet earth by Terry Virts  

Liftoff : Elon Musk and the desperate early days that launched SpaceX by Eric Berger

Mercury rising : John Glenn, John Kennedy, and the new battleground of the Cold War by Jeff Shesol

Meteorite : how stones from outer space made our world by Tim Gregory

The mission, or, how a disciple of Carl Sagan, an ex-motocross racer, a Texas Tea Party congressman, the world’s worst typewriter saleswoman, California mountain people, and an anonymous NASA functionary went to war with Mars, survived an insurgency at Saturn, traded blows with Washington, and stole a ride on an Alabama moon rocket to send a space robot to Jupiter in search of the second Garden of Eden at the bottom of an alien ocean inside of an ice world called Europa (a true story) by David W. Brown

Missions to Mars : a new era of rover and spacecraft discovery on the Red Planet by Larry S. Crumpler, PhD

One giant leap : the impossible mission that flew us to the Moon by Charles Fishman

Out there : a scientific guide to alien life, antimatter, and human space travel (for the cosmically curious) by Michael Wall, PhD

Rocket men : the daring odyssey of Apollo 8 and the astronauts who made man’s first journey to the Moon by Robert Kurson

Shoot for the moon : the space race and the extraordinary voyage of Apollo 11 by James Donovan

The space barons : Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the quest to colonize the cosmos by Christian Davenport

Space exploration : a history in 100 objects by Sten Odenwald







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