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What it Seems by Emily Bleeker

What it Seems by Emily BleekerTara has lived with Mother since she was 9. First, she was her foster mom and then she adopted her. Tara is now 20 and beginning to question Mother. She feels the most freedom when Mother locks her in her room every night. There she can go online and watch her favorite YouTube family, the Feelys. Then one day the Feelys post a video looking for an intern. Does Tara dare and apply for it?

Tara does and uses the name Angela. She pretty much lies on the application about everything but she has really good ideas. She is able to sneak away from Mother and goes on the interview and meets the Feelys, the perfect family. Angela gets the job and finally escapes Mother. But Angela has to be careful because Mother will try and find her. But not everything is as it seems with the Feelys. Did she escape one prison for another?

I really enjoyed this psychological thriller. It kept me on the edge of my seat and trying to guess what was going to happen next! I definitely recommend What It Seems!

Posted in: Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Reviewed by Marisa

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