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These Deadly Games by Diana Urban

Crystal Donovan has one thing on her mind- win the gaming competition this weekend and take home $250,000 that her family desperately needs. But first she has to drop her sister off at school for an overnight trip and get herself to school. Once in class, Crystal gets a text from an anonymous person saying that they have her sister and she needs to do everything they say for 24 hours or she dies.  Crystal thinks its a joke until they send a video of her sister tied up with a knife to her throat. 

Now Crystal is being sent around town doing horrific things. And she realizes that they are all aimed at her friends.  She needs to figure out why she is being targeted and who is doing this before someone she loves gets hurt or even dies.

This book started off strong and grabbed my attention. But then it just kind of became unbelievable. If you want to suspend reality then I recommend this one.

Posted in: Fiction, Mystery, Teen fiction, Thriller