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The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell

The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell

Teenage parents Tallulah and Zach go out for the night, leaving their baby with Tallulah’s mom.  They never return.  Tallulah’s mom, Kim, is convinced something sinister has happened while most everyone else thinks the two have just run away to escape their responsibilities. The case runs cold until a year later, when crime novelist Sophie moves into a house on the grounds of a local school and finds a sign that says “Dig Here”. 

This book alternates between three timelines, giving us a glimpse into Tallulah’s life the year before she disappears, the immediate aftermath of her mom trying to find her, and Sophie’s quest to solve the mystery a year later. 

This is a typical Lisa Jewell novel, with the story slowly unraveling and revealing a twist at the end.  It kept me generally interested, but a few plot holes bothered me. Fans of this author will probably like the book, but if you’re a first time Lisa Jewell reader, I’d suggest Then She Was Gone or The House We Grew Up In.

Posted in: Fiction, Reviewed by Dawn