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The Last Flight by Julie Clark

The Last Flight by Julie ClarkThe day has finally arrived when Claire Cook is leaving her abusive husband. The planning took a year to get everything right. Claire is going to Detroit for a fundraiser and from there she will escape to Canada. But the morning of the trip there is a change of plans. Her husband wants her to go to Puerto Rico instead and he will go to Detroit. Now Claire is in a panic. He is going to find out that she was leaving him.

Once Claire gets to the airport, she is desperate. She has to come up with a new plan. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, her prayers are answered in the form of Eva James. Eva is just as desperate to disappear and the women decide to switch plane tickets. Claire will go to Oakland, California and Eva will go to Puerto Rico. It just might work except the plane to Puerto Rico crashes.

This was a fantastic psychological thriller. It kept me guessing and trying to figure out how Claire was going to survive. We also learn why Eva was running. I couldn’t put it down. Definitely read this one!

Posted in: Fiction