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The Guilty by James Patterson

Reviewed by Nichole. This audio is very reminiscent of an old radio show broadcast. You follow two New York City detectives investigating a crime committed during a Broadway play. The detectives learn that the writer/director, Osmond Box, is debuting his seventh play: The Guilty. The story, setting, and premise are not known by the actors or crew. Phones are collected and the doors are locked. This was all by design. As the investigation unravels, you are introduced to superfans of Box’s productions, the production manager, the props manager, and as well as other witnesses to the crime. Clips of the production (covertly recorded) are played back by the detectives to understand what happened during the play.

I loved listening to this. The unraveling of the crime and the cast of characters keeps you involved in the story. I really enjoyed the cast for this audiobook who include: John Lithgow, Bryce Dallas Howard, Peter Gallagher, Aldis Hodge, Marsha Stephanie Blake and Corey Stoll.

Posted in: Audiobook, Crime, Fiction, Mystery, Thriller