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The Guilt Trip by Sandie Jones

The Guilt Trip by Sandie Jones

Four best friends, Rachel, Jack, Noah, and Paige, are attending the wedding of Jack’s brother, Will. His fiancée, Ali, is a little over the top but nice enough. It is a destination wedding to Spain and Rachel is looking forward to getting away from England. They are staying together in a villa overlooking the ocean. Everything is spectacular until it isn’t.

Rachel has never thought Jack would cheat but the way Ali acts around him, Rachel is starting to suspect there might be something going on. And it doesn’t help that Paige is right there suggestion the same.

The day of the wedding arrives and it seems like everyone has something to hide. And at the reception all the secrets come out. And the perfect wedding ends in tragedy.

This was a decent read. It kept me guessing trying to figure out what all the secrets were. And I can say that I didn’t figure it out!

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