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The Babysitter by Nancy Bush

The Babysitter by Nancy BushWhen Jamie was in high school, she was a baby-sitter. She had a job the night of the big party, that her crush Cooper, invited her to. She finally convinced her older sister, Emma, to come over halfway through the job and take over. But when Jamie gets to the party, Cooper isn’t even there. But someone did show up at the babysitting gig and attacked Emma. After that night, Emma was never the same and the culprit was never caught.

Now 20 years later, Jamie has come back home with her teenage daughter, Harley. Her mom has passed away and now it is up to Jamie to take care of Emma. Adjusting to her new circumstances, Jamie runs into Cooper, who is now a cop. Her feelings are still there and they start to date. But someone from the past has also come back and is starting to copycat the attack on Emma. Or is it the same person from before?

This was an okay read. It held my attention but there were too many characters!

Posted in: Mystery