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Six Weeks to Live by Catherine McKenzie

Six Weeks to Live by Catherine McKenzie

Jennifer Barnes is dying. She is 48 and has 6 weeks to live. She has an inoperable brain tumor and nothing can be done. She is devastated and convinced she was poisoned and that is what caused it. Now with her time left, she will do whatever it takes to find out who did it.

Her only suspect is her soon to be ex-husband. She is convinced it is him because she won’t give him the divorce he wants so he can start his new life with his younger girlfriend. But her three daughters aren’t so sure about any of it. But they are willing to humor their mom and find out the truth. But what they find out changes everything. Will they get the whole truth before Jennifer dies?

This was good book with lots of twists. It had you guessing what was going to happen the entire time. A must read for any psychological thriller readers.

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