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Light Years From Home by Mike Chen

Light Years From Home by Mike Chen

15 years ago, four members of the Shao family went on a camping trip. Jakob and his father went out for a hike. Jakob disappeared, and when his father returned a few days later, exhausted, confused and dehydrated, he was convinced that they’d been kidnapped by aliens but that for some reason, he’d been returned.

Now, 15 years later, Jakob is still missing. Mr. Shao has died. Mrs. Shao suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and Kass has moved home to look after her. Her twin sister Evie has dropped out of school, moved across the country, and is deeply involved in an alien conspiracy theory group. The two sisters haven’t spoken to each other for a few years.

And then, Jakob reappears. The FBI is looking for him, and he’s being chased by an alien army. Will the Shao family be able to put aside their differences long enough help Jakob stop the impending intergalactic war?

Relatable characters, lots of action and a lot of heart make this a really fun read. If you haven’t read Mike Chen yet, add him to your TBR immediately! You’ll thank me later. ; )

Posted in: Science Fiction