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Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney

The Darker family hasn’t gathered together for about ten years.  But Nana’s turning 80 on Halloween and she’s requested that the whole family come to celebrate with her at her home.  Seaglass is a crumbling Victorian mansion on a small tidal island on the Cornish coast, and once they arrive, they won’t be able to leave until morning, when the tide goes back out. As the family sits for an uncomfortable meal, and an even more uncomfortable reading of Nana’s will, a storm approaches, cutting the family further off from the mainland and any hope of an early exit. As midnight approaches, a terrible scream is heard, and the first body is found…

Narrated by Daisy – Nana’s favorite grandchild – this story takes many of its cues from Agatha Christie’s classic And Then There Were None. And while many authors over the last couple of years have taken a stab at the locked room mystery, Feeney’s done a great job at capturing the dark atmosphere and whole vibe of the original.  And the twists! Ok, some were more plausible than others, but still, the book is very engaging and impossible to put down. Perfect for the spooky season!

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