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Autopsy by Patricia Cornwell

Autopsy by Patricia Cornwell

Forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta is back in her new “old” position as Chief Medical Examiner of Virginia. She returns to her old office to find it in disarray, not sure who to trust. She must tackle the case of a woman brutally murdered near the train tracks. Seeking help from her retired police officer friend (and now brother-in-law) Marino, as well as her brilliant niece Lucy, Scarpetta puts her famous skills to work. Her case is soon linked to another incident that has broader national security concerns and Kay and her husband Benton Wesley soon find themselves involved with NASA and a double murder in space. Add an attempt on Scarpetta’s life through a poisoned wine bottle and you have all the makings of a classic Cornwell novel.

I admit I stopped reading the Kay Scarpetta series a while ago but decided to give this one a try. Parts of the plot were a little ridiculous (a space autopsy?), but overall it was a very enjoyable read. It was nice to catch up with old characters and I always enjoy the forensic details involved in solving cases. This book made we want to go back and read a few more of the Scarpetta books I’ve missed through the years.

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