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After Anna by Alex Lake

After Anna by Alex Lake

Julia is late picking up her 5 year old daughter Anna from school. When she arrives, Anna is no where to be found. Julia calls her estranged husband to see if he picked her up. He says no and also lets her know it couldn’t have been his mother either. Julia starts panicking and running through the town trying to find Anna. The police are called but no one has a clue where this little girl has gone.

One week later, Anna is back. She wandered into a gas station, having no clue where she has been or who took her. With Anna safe at home, Julia wants answers. Will she be able to get them or always wonder what happened?

This was a decent thriller. I was able to figure out who took Anna fairly quickly. But it was still a good read to find out why. Definite fan of Alex Lake’s work.

Posted in: Fiction