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The Twelve Topsy-Turvy, Very Merry Days of Christmas by James Patterson & Tad Safran

Reviewed by Nichole. Will and Ella Sullivan’s mother passed away 5 years ago on Christmas. Since then, there has been no Christmas in Sullivan house and everything seems to have been neglected. Ella has become a recluse and germaphobe. Will is a tagalong to a group of troublemakers. Henry is a college professor who has been giving a lackluster approach to his parenting and teaching career and has now become a target for the head of the department.

The kids want Christmas back. Most importantly, they want Christmas presents! The last time Dad was happy was at Christmas. He was happy when he was married. So, the only way to get Christmas and presents is to get Dad married. The kids decide to create a dating profile for Dad through As they are finalizing the profile, the computer pinged with a response from a Ms. Truelove. No sooner did the computer ping and Dad walks in and catches them in their scheme. A quick response should end this scheme really quick! (Or so we think!)

A delivery shows up the next day from Truelove Nurseries containing a small pear tree and a small bird, a partridge! Chaos ensues over the upcoming days with all of the Sullivan’s unwanted “guests” and their livelihoods up in the air.

Who is this Ms. Truelove? Who is sending the gifts? The neighbors? Mr. Greenblaat? Mrs. Poku? Or is it the mysterious Mariana from Animal Protection Services? Henry and the kids are determined to find this out and put an end to it.

I grabbed this book from my TBR pile. This was a surprise read from likes of James Patterson. It was a quick, fun read! Just what you like in a holiday book based on the 12 days of Christmas! I never guessed who the mysterious gifter was until the end of the book!

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